At Carry, we believe that every bag is more than just a material possession. It's an extension of your personality. Our finely crafted leather products are designed to evoke a sense of belonging and reflect one's unique individuality.

From exquisite handbags to wallets, passport covers, folios, and more, each creation at Carry is imbued with thought, emotion, and purpose. Our expertise lies in our craftsmanship and passion to make something truly exceptional.

We offer custom-made options that allow you to design your dream bag and personalise it to your liking.

Located in Indore, Carry is your destination for finely crafted, ethically sourced leather products. Discover the perfect blend of quality, craftsmanship, and personalization and Create Your Own Magic with Us.



She is a master craftsperson, whose playful spirit shines through her impeccable designs. As the boss herself, she effortlessly blends business and creativity, leaving a trail of awe and inspiration.

Brand manager


The taskmaster behind the scenes who gets it all done. He blends a romantic heart with strict values, keeping everyone in check and bringing the brand's vision to life.

Assistant Designer


Her innovative concepts and eye for detail result in spellbinding creations. With a mischievous spirit, she infuses her designs with playful energy.