which leather is best for a wallet

Which Leather Is Best For A Wallet? Everything You Need to Know.

For men and women, wallets are key accessories of our everyday lives and therefore, choosing the right one is important. When selecting a good wallet, the primary factor that you must consider is the material, as other crucial things like durability and flexibility largely depend on it. Leather is a perfect material widely popular for its durability, longevity and sophisticated appeal. 

However, there are several types of leather in play, which makes it difficult to pick the right material without having some basic knowledge about it. No need to worry though, and you can now say goodbye to the confusion because we are here to guide you about everything that you need to know, starting from the ideal type of leather for the wallet to how different types of leather make a difference in price, durability and overall appearance of the wallet.

Ideal Leather For Wallet

Pure leather is indeed the best choice for items such as a wallet, belt, and purse. Although there are various categories of pure leather such as full grain, half grain and top grain leather, all of these are better in terms of quality than artificial ones such as faux or synthetic leather. However, as an attempt to help you narrow down the options, here is a comparative study between all forms of leather that can make great material for wallets.

Genuine Leather For Wallet

Genuine leather, as the name itself suggests, is a type of authentic leather and it makes good leather wallets, if not the best. There are two varieties of genuine leather – split and bonded leather. Split leather is the layer of hide shredded right over the top grain. Bonded leather contains scraps of leather which are assembled to make an entire piece. While choosing between these two, in terms of quality and durability, opt for split leather over bonded material.

Full Grain Leather For Wallet

Top-grain leather is often confused with full-grain leather, but they are indeed different. The difference that sets them apart is that full-grain leather is not processed or sanded to keep its natural charm intact. It is made of the outermost layer of the hide and full-grain leather makes the ideal material for the leather wallet. Luxury leather brands mostly use full-grain leather for statement wallets and purses due to its natural appeal and durability. While full-grain leather can be really expensive, Carry's full-grain leather wallets are pocket-friendly and worth the cost. Check out their latest wallet collection to grab the best deal.

Top Grain Leather For Wallets

Top-grain leather is another popular choice for wallets. While split leather comes from the lowest layer of the hide, the top grain is taken from the outermost level. However, unlike full grain, it is sanded or processed to cover undesirable natural imperfections or markings on the surface.  Top grain leather is always better than split leather in terms of strength and durability because ofwhere it is taken from in the hide. Carry's top grain leather wallets are statement purses that offer premium functionality and unmatched charm without burning a hole in your pocket.

Summing Up

Whereas there are a handful of options of materials that you can choose from, only a few of them can make your wallet ideally stand apart. Although many people lean towards faux, suede or even man-made leather simply because they are cheap, none of them can compete with authentic leather in terms of class, longevity, or natural beauty. Since you will be using the wallet every day and it will contain all your important belongings, it’s best to choose premium material within your budget that will last long. On this matter, you can trust Carry, India's largest leather brand, which offers you a stunning collection of leather wallets at budget-friendly prices. Hurry! Grab your favourite leather wallet now before it gets sold out!

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