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The Ultimate Leather Care: Maintenance Of Genuine Leather At Home

Genuine leather is the emblem of exclusive taste and sophistication that comes with ultra-durable features. While real leather is widely praised for its outstanding longevity, nobody really talks much about how crucial proper maintenance is for genuine leather to keep its charm intact for a long time. 

Only a few people out there actually know and do regular maintenance of their leather goods, others believing in a myth that says genuine leather doesn’t age  and take those articles for granted until the leather starts losing its beauty.  Leather is a natural substance and it is subject to decay over time, even the finest ones. While it's true that leather items can last lifelong, preventing them from ageing is a futile task. Instead, you can save their charm and make them age like fine wine by taking proper care of genuine leather goods. And although you may come across plenty of hacks about leather care- not all are effective, neither do they work on all types of leather or the looking-after processes are same for different items. And since genuine leather items are expensive, it’s always better to follow the experts’ suggestions. 

After consulting with a number of leather experts, we have handpicked some great ways to maintain and care for your real leather articles at home. Let’s  explore the most effective leather care regimen. 

Cleaning Your Leather Items 

Not just your skincare routine, but even the basic leather care regimen also starts with cleaning the surface of the item first. And here comes the question, how do we clean it without damaging it? Well, let's see what experts are suggesting: 

Dos and Don’ts


  • Clean your leather goods at frequent intervals to retain their beauty. 
  • Do consider using a soft brush, paper, or cloth to remove dust and dirt. 
  • Do nourish the skin with a light moisturizer, lotion, or water once the surface is visibly clean. 
  • Do use a quality leather conditioner to maintain a fine and smooth texture every 4 to 6 months. 
  • Do clean with a mix of liquid soap and warm water if your leather has stains and spots on it. 
  • Do disinfect the leather with a stem cleaner and remove bacteria buildup from frequent use. 
  • Do a patch test with any chemical material like cleaner, moisturiser, polish, or conditioner in the inner hidden part before you apply them on the surface. Being a natural substance, certain chemicals can be potentially damaging to genuine leather. 


  • Do not machine wash your leather articles. 
  • Do not use any artificial source of heat to dry the leather. Let it dry naturally. Artificial heat like blow drying can and will damage the natural softness and texture of the leather. 
  • Do not let the leather get wet and soak water wherever possible. 
  • Do not iron leather jackets, bags etc. Keep your leather goods away from any form of artificial heat. 
  • Do not submerge leather items into the water to clean them. Leather is not suitable for washing in the same manner you wash clothes. 
  • Do not let leather items remain wet for long. Make sure the moisture goes off as soon as possible, otherwise it may potentially lead to fungal infection buildup. 

Maintenance of Genuine Leather 

Leather has been widely loved for centuries for its diverse visual appeal. Unique texture, delicate variety in shades, subtle and fine signs of aging – genuine leather is a complete package of lifelong delicacy. When it comes to maintaining such a diverse yet delicate material, your choice of maintenance can shape its appearance for decades. Here are some effective ways to nurture your favourite leather items:

  1. Polishing your leather goods is a basic way to keep their original smoothness and shine intact. Accessories like your watch, jacket, purse, handbag, shoes etc that you want to keep in the finest condition are ideal for frequent polishing. Other casual pieces, for instance, your briefcase, travel bag, journal etc. for which you can go lowkey with the maintenance process are suitable for aging and slowly developing a unique appearance. For these kinds of articles, just frequent dusting and wiping the dirt off with a moist cloth twice a month will be enough. 
  2. Using a good leather moisturiser or cream may help you maintain the fine and pristine appearance of exclusive genuine leather pieces. It helps to nourish, moisturise, and preserve the original glossy finish and qualities for years to come. 
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