3 Innovative Wallets By Carry That Redefine Everyday Carry

3 Innovative Wallets By Carry That Redefine Everyday Carry

Being widely useful as daily accessories, wallets are way more functional than any other item of their kind. Although one may find a wide range of wallets encompassing a variety of materials and textures, determining the prices, in terms of unique designs or styles, men's wallets could not draw much attention. Women's purses  on the other hand is are epitome of fashion-forward style, with innovative designs and smooth functionality which are unfortunately hard to find in men's wallets. So, one might wonder, why should ladies have all the style? And that's exactly what Carry, India's leading leather studio, addresses with its latest collection of wallets that redefine the notion of style, design and functionality for leather wallets.

Innovative Wallets As Game Changers

Unlike women, men generally carry a single wallet until it's damaged to the core, and it's handled way more roughly than women's purses for obvious reasons. So, durability is not the only  crucial factor, because design and functionality  are also major elements  that most wallets one may find in the market heavily lack. However, thanks to Carry, wallets are not confined to the same boring and look-alike designs, and now, men can also get a taste of innovative style and optimal functionality altogether with everyday leather wallets. However, the overall collection of wallets is pretty wide and fine, so let us introduce the three most unique wallets which we know you will surely love. These wallets are game changers as they don't just alter the monotonous idea of a wallet, but also define everyday Carry.

3 Must-Have Statement Wallets By Carry

Scorpio Zip Wallet

Carry's Scorpio wallet is all about smooth functionality. The unisex compact wallet is perfect for carrying cash, coins, ID proof, multiple cards etc. No more losing important cards, as the Scorpio wallet offers you 6 card compartments with one zip pocket for coins or tiny items. the sleek appearance is ideal for using it as a purse as well as a wallet, which is a great feature that works for both men and women. 

Women always prefer carrying small and sleek purses in hand while men typically carry their wallets in their pockets. Carry’s Scorpio wallet is most probably the only truly unisex wallet that is widely loved by both men and women for its great style and functionality.

Indus DIY Wallet

This is a one-of-a-kind statement wallet by Carry and is worth everything. The new Indus DIY Wallet is the ultimate signature of minimalism and origami, sealed with the finest craftsmanship. The innovative design itself deserves a specific mention, as it reflects the unique ideas of the artists. You might have heard of Howrah Bridge which is constructed without welding, and the Indus wallet has followed the same legacy with minimal to no stitching. One who loves uniqueness just as their personality must go for the Indus DIY wallet by Carry.

Archer- Men’s Wallet

Bifold wallet is the most common category in men's wallets and unfortunately, most of the options one may come across are boring and highly unappealing. Each of them is solely functionality oriented as if no one even bothered to invest ideas or time in the design. However, Carry accepts the challenge and had come up with Archer, the standard bifold men's wallet with a refreshing design and fashionable look. Unlike regular bifold wallets, it won't look bulky when cards, cash, coins etc. are put inside, rather the wallet will stay sleek and lightweight so that you can easily carry it in your back or front pocket without looking awkward. And that's the magic of Carry, it helps you to carry anything at ease.

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